“This collection of essays features the voices of real mothers – meaning, mothers talking about the things that scared, changed, and/or empowered them. As a college professor, I have been looking for a book like this for years: short and focused essays that shed light on real-life situations and feelings that I can easily pair with a research article or two. They would be a perfect supplement for courses on gender, family, parenthood, identity, etc. Undergraduate students often long to hear “real people’s voices” and these essays perfectly embody what it is like to be a real mother.

Of course, this book is also perfect for mothers, fathers, expectant parents, and anyone else who wants to read authentic – and often funny – stories about parenthood.” – Abbie E. Goldberg, Associate Professor at Clark University and author of Lesbian and Gay Parents and Their Children (2010), Gay Dads (2012), and LGBT-Parent Families (2013)


Seleni Institute 7/16: Excerpt from There’s a Zombie Cavewoman in All of Us

Small Strokes 7/11: Book Review “At times heartwarming and humorous, at others heartbreaking and humbling, The Good Mother Myth is a must-read anthology for all mothers at any stage in their mothering careers. I found it particularly helpful as a first-time mom-to-be as a reminder that I am not going to be perfect, and that’s just fine.”

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Baby Blythe Blog 5/4: Book Review. “I absolutely loved this book, and I would recommend it to every mother. There were so many times when I felt like the women were writing my exact words and feelings. I felt so connected to so many of the stories, and it made me feel so much better about the moments when I’ve felt that I’ve failed at motherhood.”

Chronogram 5/1: Short takes. “Here’s a great gift for Mother’s Day: honesty. In an age of competitive “mommy wars,” 35 articulate women defy expectations with unvarnished tales of fallible, all too human, and somehow good enough mothering.”

Tamara Like Camara 4/16: Book Review. “I knew I would love this book, but I wasn’t expecting just how much it would shake my core and then lift me up – to hear the stories of many imperfectly wonderful mothers who are chiming in together with their tales of setbacks and disasters, downfalls and insecurities, and innermost thoughts on mothering in physical and emotional places that aren’t always as supportive and encouraging as they could be.”

Everyday Family 4/9: 5 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Moms

One Bad Mother Episode 51 4/4: Interview With Avital Norman Nathman

Today’s Work @ Home Mom 4/4: Book Review “…I was thrilled to open up The Good Mother Myth, because reading the book, I instantly felt like I was “good enough” as a mom….there were others just like me, sometimes struggling to get through the day and successfully past bedtime.”

Bitch Magazine Spring 2014, Issue No. 62: Book Review “…I know that these mothers do not always agree with each other. I know that they might, like me, disapprove of others. This is why Avital Norman Nathman’s anthology is the perfect format for a response to our culture’s sanitized and polished representations of motherhood. No one mother’s point of view is, by itself, a sufficient challenge. […]I am so glad to have read this book.” – Gretchen Sisson

For Book’s Sake 3/26: Book Review: “…The Good Mother Myth warmly invites you to think about your own understanding of motherhood and asks you to be honest with others about how hard it can be. That’s an idea and a book worth sharing.”

Maternally Yours Radio/WSLR 96.5 3/19: Interview with Avital Norman Nathman and contributor Naomi Shulman

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NCW Magazine, Spring Issue: Book Review (in print): “Nathman weaves a colorful tapestry that re-defines, and beautifully illustrates, what motherhood really looks like.”

Village Q 3/10: The Good Mother Myth – An Interview With Joy Ladin

Good Girl Gone Redneck 3/9: Book Review: “I truly loved this book. And if you know me then you know I don’t say that if I don’t mean it. And I mean it here. The Good Mother Myth is the kind of read that every mom needs.”

Vulpes Libris 3/6: Book Review: “Reading this book, I cried, and I laughed, and then cried again, and laughed again, and frantically underlined bits to go back to. But mostly I thought: “Thank God.” Because we all make mistakes sometimes. Even if we don’t, there is always something about motherhood to feel guilty about, whether that be the fact that we didn’t bath her yesterday, or on Friday she would only eat bread. It does not make us bad parents. The Good Mother is a Myth.

I wish every pregnant person in the land could be given this book, and told: “Don’t worry. You’ll be OK.” Who do I talk to about it being prescribed on the NHS?”

Mamalode 3/4: Book Review: “The writing is impeccable and the messages are poignant covering everything from mental health to teen mothering to adoption, which means this book not an easy read. Each author blazes the pages and seemingly leaves nothing unsaid. I flipped through this book slowly, letting the words of one mother marinade before moving on to the next.”

The Wesleyan Connection 3/3: Nathman MALS ’07 Edits Book on Motherhood Myth

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AtlasWonders 2/9: Book Review: “Diving into this collection feels like grabbing coffee with your best friends because the writers pull no punches. Their direct approach to their lives and the stories they tell are comforting because we are all human and to separate women based on some arbitrary measuring stick is pointless, stupid and solves absolutely nothing.”

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The Good Mother Myth was chosen as the January book for the Brilliant Book Club. The following blogs wrote about it: Mommy, For Real, School of Smock, Urban Moo Cow, Left Brain Buddha & omnimom.

Global Comment 1/27: “Because it offers a glimpse into how other women are doing it, and leaves readers with the impression that everyone struggles sometimes, ‘The Good Mother Myth’ is a worthy addition to any parenting-book shelf. And for feminists who are just starting to consider the social and political implications of motherhood, this is a good primer on some of the diversity of experiences and needs women have whilst doing the work of mothering. What the book makes clear is that whether they are overtly political or not, women’s stories matter.”

View From the Nest: Dis-empowering the Good Mother myth, “Through a series of remarkable essays written by several dozen mothers, this book seeks to break the hold of the Good Mother myth and reveal “the collective consciousness of ever-evolving women who share the experience known as motherhood.” (Turlington Burns, p. xi) It has the potential to do for mothers what Rachel Simmons‘s Curse of the Good Girl did for girls.”

MUTHA Magazine 1/23: Excerpt of contributor KJ Dell’Antonia’s essay

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Literary Mama 1/11/14 “And so, while reading The Good Mother Myth, I shook off the mid-Fall fears of mothering failure and monster-making and nodded my head. Yup. Here we are. A lot of spilled milk. Even a little weed smoked (as Pauline Abraham confesses in “Joint Parenting”). But no monsters here. Just good-enough moms with their good-enough kids.”

RH Reality Check 1/08/14: Why the ‘Good Mother’ Myth Has Got to Go: A Q&A.

Parents Magazine, January issue: unnamed

Brain, Child 12/27/13 “Here, in fact, lies the book’s greatest strength:  illuminating the extent to which mothers’ choices and lifestyles are enmeshed in a broader context, too often constrained by economic insecurity, racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of inequality, stigma, and discrimination. ”

Publisher’s Weekly 11/25/13 “…several essays by scholars, activists, artists, and professionals delve into the ways in which “motherhood, as an institution, remains oppressive to women today,” and expose ideals of femininitythat are not just exclusively straight, white, and biological but ensure that “women’s work” remains “invisible and unpaid.” Refreshingly honest, frequently funny, and overall intelligently self-reflective, these voices reassure the anxious and guilt-ridden that ‘there is no such thing as a good mother. There is only the good enough mother.’ ”

Washington Post 11/11/13 New parenting books focus on food allergies, autism and why there is no perfect mom.”