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Paula Kamen wrote a piece in response to the “Alinea Restaurant Baby” scandal, where two parents were called out on Twitter by the head chef for bringing their infant to the upscale restaurant.

What is a good mother to do?

…I know some readers are probably thinking: Wouldn’t it be easier if I just managed my kids better? Before I had kids, I thought that parents whose kids misbehaved in public were entitled and self-absorbed, flippantly allowing their kids to run amok with no regard for anyone else. But now I see that controlling those kids’ every move, especially after a whole day with them at home spent constantly policing, is more difficult than one would think. This is even with taking every precaution possible.

Now my family’s main requirement for picking a restaurant is where we are likely to enrage the fewest people. I typically request that we be seated far away from others, even in an empty party room if possible. We go to dinner when restaurants are the least crowded, at early-bird hours so extreme that they would embarrass even the most flinty senior citizen. But no matter how well we plan, because of a series of other demands — like my husband’s or my work going late on a day when there’s slim pickings in the larder — it’s inevitable that once in a while, we land at 7 p.m. in a crowded pizza place.

Read more at Crain’s Chicago Business.

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