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When I hear “good mothering” the first things that come to mind are adapting and listening. Children change. No human on this planet changes more often and quickly than our children, therefore I firmly believe that our parenting methods need and should should change and adapt to meet them where they are. Second is listening to yourself and your chid. You all have a bound that started way before they where on this Earth don’t lose that, listen to that, and cherish that. Also 9 out of 10 when you think you’re being a “bad mom” your most likely being the exact mom they need. “Good mothering” includes mistakes, forgetting to pack the lunch, making one or no field trips/class parties/book fairs/assemblies and that being okay! I once missed my daughter’s student of the month assembly and right before I broke down into “I’m a bad mom tears” she told me it was okay that I wasn’t there because she knows I love her, I’m proud of her, and that sometimes mommy’s are busy. That is kick ass good mothering right there.



Gloria Malone is a freelance writer, reproductive justice advocate, and the creator of Her publishing credits and media appearances include The New York Times, The O’Reilly Factor, NPR, and Huff Post Live. Gloria lives in New York City with her daughter. You can follow Gloria on Twitter at @GloriaMalone

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