Call For Response: What’s a Good Mother, Anyway?

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As we gear up for the launch of the book – in less then a month!! – I want to hear from YOU about what it means to be a “good mother.” The Good Mother Myth shares the stories of women across the country (and a few outside the US!), all breaking down the concept of the stereotypical good mother. But I want to hear more! With each voice added to the collective narrative of motherhood, we are one step closer to showing how rich and diverse motherhood can be. It is not a stereotype that can be boxed up and used to pit women against each other!

So, tell me – what does being a “good mother” mean to you? Write up your response (100-500 words) and send it along with a photo, 1-2 sentence bio and any links to your website/social media to

I’ll post a new response everyday leading up to the book’s release.

Let’s take this opportunity to rise up and share more voices that cut the Good Mother myth off at the knees!

            – Avital Norman Nathman, Editor


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